Sesderma Retises 0.25% Cream 30 ml

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Retises 0.25% The cream should be used as a skin habituation therapy to retinol. It is a cream designed for use at night, with retinol in a concentration of 0.25%, with a strong smoothing effect. It nourishes and nourishes the skin, improves its appearance and elasticity. Contains an excellent composition of retinol (0.25%), retinyl propionate (0.22%), palmityl oligopeptide solution (6%), ascorbyl glucoside (1%), Antarctic Ocean glycoprotein (1%) and boswellic acid (1%) . The combination of retinol and vitamin C creates a unique formula that gives immediate results. Retinol reduces and brightens discolorations, accelerates peeling of the skin and significantly smoothes it. Increases keratinocyte production, which improves skin thickness. In addition, it regulates the correct concentration of vitamin A in the skin, reverses damage caused by exposure to the sun. Increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen responsible for skin surface tension, stimulates fibroblast proliferation. The content of stable vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, while boswellic acid protects against their degradation. The combination of all these ingredients means that Retises 0.25% gives the skin glow after a month of use, reduces discoloration and deep wrinkles.

Composition: retinol 0.25%, retinyl propionate, oligopeptide, stable vitamin C, glycoproteins from the Antarctic Sea, boswellic acids.

Retises 0.25% The cream should be used for the first 3 months as a skin habituation treatment to retinol. The product should be applied daily to the cleansed face, gently massaging until completely absorbed. Avoid the eye area.

ATTENTION: During the treatment it is necessary to use sunscreen creams with SPF 50. May cause irritation.


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