Sesderma Atpses Serum energizing cells 30 ml

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Atpses Serum energizing cells
30 ml

Atpses Serum improves the vitality of skin stem cells and prevents cellular aging. ATP, the main component of the line, improves skin circulation, accelerates cell renewal, restores radiance and firmness. It protects against the influence of negative external factors and regenerates damages that have already occurred as a result of them. In addition, it supports collagen synthesis by fibroblasts, thus effectively preventing aging. Restores energy and vitality to the skin. Provides intense hydration, firmness and smoothness. It corrects wrinkles and furrows, raises the face oval, making it look much younger and more radiant. In addition, Atpses extends and maintains the effects of aesthetic medicine treatments. It is a product intended e.g. to increase the effectiveness of LED light therapy. Atpses oxygenates, and also increases circulation and blood flow, making it shallower and improves the appearance of existing scars.

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